Why You Need to Switch to a New Car Insurance Company

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Car insurance isn’t cheap, and you may find that there is better and less expensive car insurance company out there than the one you’re on. It’s also essential to take advantage of new offers provided by newer car insurance companies. To help you decide when to switch, we’ve provided some of the following tips below.

New car

Did you know that new cars are eligible for lower insurance rates? It’s the perfect time to browse for different offers that you can benefit from. Be aware that quotes will vary and depend on the type of car you have purchased. The best tip for looking for a new car insurance company is to look for maximum coverage for the lower price.

New job

If you’ve just landed a new job, check with your new company to see if you are eligible for any car insurance discounts. Some large companies may sometimes provide cheap insurance schemes for their employees.


Car insurance companies offer discounts to people aged 55 and above. You’re also more likely to get a cheaper insurance if you have a good insurance claim record.

Save money

If you simply want to save money, then it’s time to switch to a cheaper car insurance company. Look for competitive rates and choose the best deal you can find.

Joint insurance

If you have a family who may start using your car, then you would need to switch from an individual to joint insurance. A joint insurance can cover two people who will be actively using the car. If you have a larger family, you may need to get a group insurance where more people are covered when using the car.

Insurance bundle

Your bank may offer you an insurance bundle for both your car and your home. Insurance bundles may work out cheaper than buying an individual insurance.

The Best Emergency Car Cover Deals

The Best Emergency Car Cover Deals

Once you find yourself a great deal on a vehicle and save money, why blow it on costly repairs when something goes wrong? A crucial part of your finance planning for a new vehicle should be the kind of emergency cover you put in place. Here are some of the best options available in the UK right now.

The AA

Probably the best known brand on our list, the AA has over 60 years of experience offering breakdown rescue services. In 80% of cases they are able to repair vehicles at the roadside, generally in under half an hour. Their reputation means you do pay a premium compared to some alternatives, however.

Green Flag

Another well-known name in the UK is Green Flag, specialising in not only very low prices but also a personalised service. Their 24-hour coverage is available within less than an hour, or they give you £10 cash back as compensation for the wait. They offer more different packages than most of their rivals since they are able to account for quite specific personal circumstances, which could save you money. Read more

How to Get a Cheap Car Insurance Deals

How to Get a Cheap Car Insurance Deals

Car insurance can be expensive, and in fact it’s one of the biggest factors people tend to mention when they’re putting off buying a new car, or even getting started owning a vehicle. However, there are so many tricks you can try to get a better deal that most people could probably save money by following three simple steps.

1) Reduce your risk factor

To get a cheap quote from the outset you would need to be considered a low risk by insurance companies. This means doing everything in your power to reduce the perceived level of risk associated with your ownership of the car.

Things like increasing your security will reduce the risk of your car being stolen, which brings down the price (for example, parking it in a garage or fitting an alarm). When it comes to repairs, more common models are cheaper to fix so quotes for those will be cheaper.

Your skills as a driver will also be factored into your quote. Aside from having no points on your license or convictions for dangerous driving, you can improve your reputation and get a cheaper price if you complete more advanced driving qualifications like the Pass Plus test. You can even have your driving performance monitored by a “black box” fitted by the insurance company, and if you do well your cost will go down (but be careful this doesn’t backfire – if the box detects poor driving your costs will skyrocket!). Read more