What Would You Do Without Your Car?

For a real automobile enthusiast, it’s hard to imagine getting by without a car. Many people really love taking care of their vehicle and take great pride in it, although it’s fair to say that most people just really feel that they rely on their cars for getting around during their daily lives. If you’ve ever been without your car suddenly, because it needed unexpected repairs for example, you might have had a taste of how stranded you can feel.

However, plenty of people have successfully given up driving on a day-to-day basis and ended up with a much better lifestyle. Could it be possible for you to do the same, and save money in the process? Here are a few of the benefits…

You can always get a ride when you need it

Just because you’re not the driver doesn’t mean that you can’t get around in a car when you need to. For one thing, you can make sure you have a reputable taxi service on call that you know you can rely on. This is ideal whether you need a late-night journey home from Manchester, a Bristol airport taxi to catch a flight, or even a cab to get you to your wedding on time in Derby.

Remember, getting a taxi is now so easy, you don’t even need to call an office to place your booking. If you haven’t tried booking a trip on a smartphone app yet, you might want to look into this as your first trip will often be discounted.

Cars cost a lot of money

Lots of people may instinctively object to the idea of getting taxis on a regular basis, because of course the cost of fares can add up. However, this fails to account for the cost of running your car.

Not only do you have to pay for the vehicle (a cost which many people spread out and pay on a monthly basis), but insurance, tax, fuel and maintenance costs also escalate quickly. By cutting out all of these costs, you may find that you still save a significant amount even when you have to pay for transport on an ad hoc basis.

Public transport may be better than you think

Traditionally, public transport tends to be widely despised by its regular users, but there is a reason why those people continue to use it instead of driving themselves. In fact, there are probably several reasons. It can be more convenient, it can be cheaper, you never have to worry about parking, and the journey can give you a chance to either relax or squeeze in a little extra work.

The benefits of your local transport infrastructure will depend on where you are, because some places are known for their great public transport systems which have had plenty of recent investment. Cities with modern bus, tram and train links that are designed to run efficiently and support large numbers of commuters will be the best places to try this, but not everywhere is up to that standard.

You could benefit from more exercise

Most of us could use a little extra time in our daily routines dedicated to exercise, especially those of us who drive regularly. Swapping your car for a bicycle or even just walking is ideal for people who live in cramped city centres, or even out in suburban towns. You’ll gain flexibility and control over your own journeys, not being so limited by traffic, plus every commute or trip out will count towards your daily exercise. This alone might be a great reason to finally ditch your car, save money and live a happier life.

It’s better for the environment

Last but not least, any of the above methods will usually work out better for the environment overall because you are not creating any additional CO2 emissions or other pollution by using public transport, cycling or walking. Even a zero-emissions electric car needs electricity to run, so producing this will have an impact on the world around us. Axe your car and you’ll be doing your best to help the environment.