How to Finance a Vintage Car or Classic Car Restoration

Classic car restoration

There’s somewhat of a secret that I ought to let you know about regarding purchasing a vintage car or using¬†classic car restoration services. Many¬†people struggle to find the funds for the initial purchase or the parts required to restore a classic car but in truth, this can be a lot easier than you suspect.

Indeed, classic car restoration is growing massively as it is now seen as an investment rather than just a hobby. Funds once used solely for art collections have now expanded to include this area, as a well restored vehicle can massively increase in value.

A shared passion?

The first option to consider is whether you have a friend or a relative with a similar interest in classic cars that can inject some cash into the project. It is always best if you view this as a passion rather than a money making scheme as buyers tend to spend more on cars from private collectors rather than dealers.

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Finance for Classic Car Restoration-The Necessities

When you think of a classic car restoration, images of classic movies with Steve McQueen or Paul Newman may stream through your mind. Perhaps you’ll even reminisce about Saturday drives with your grandfather in his old 1950s Studebaker that brings tears of joy to your eyes. Whatever the source of your love for older automobiles, there’s no cure for your passion once you’ve caught the classic car bug. There are some who were raised with an affinity for cars and the power of working with your hands to maintain a vehicle.


Those men and women understand the inner workings of a car engine and have perhaps spent time studying older books to learn more about their favorite classic models. Those are the prime candidates for car restoration. A project of this size, both in money and in time, is not meant for the faint of heart. You must love a challenge as many of the steps along the way will leave those not fully committed frustrated, eventually abandoning the project. Car restoration is wholly rewarding, but you must thoroughly prepare to be sure you’re the right candidate for the job. Read more